Mt. Magic – The Storyteller

Mt. Magic is an interactive storytelling experience for 4 – 6 year olds.

Now the fun part – The storyteller is a mountain that has an LED Matrix which will show his eyes and mouth.

The above bit has been heavily inspired by David Hohusen’s talk in our last class.
I played two dots for an incredibly long time and was enamored by the illustrations that would show up before the new levels. I loved the idea of no other features except for the eyes, eyebrows, and mouths for expressions. And then of course there were all the props that would keep things exciting. I’d completely forgotten how much I loved the characters in the game until David spoke about them at length and showed us how the simplest of animations could describe + depict so much.

Hence, Mt. Magic.

(insert initial sketches)

The mountain’s story will be controlled by bluetooth connected ‘props’ comprising accelerometers which the children will hold. Only when each one of them completes the action the storyteller asks them to do, will the tale continue.

Sure, the voice holds a very important place in this project, but I feel the visual element (as inspired by two dots) will take it to a whole other level.
Since the stories will be adventure-based, I feel the eyes and mouth will be as lifelike as possible in terms of emulating a real-life storytelling experience.

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