Emotions in Motion Final Idea – The Weak Machine

So after going back and forth on the previously planned idea – Mt. Magic, I realised that the quality of animation would not be great using an 8×8 LED Matrix since ideally the only way you can create anything with them in fast motion is by turning them on and off in different coordinates and positions to create new images.

And this would not do justice to the idea of there being any emotion in the motion that will be present.

Hence, for this class I decided to stick to the simple idea of showing something on a screen that would be triggered by simple touch in different positions that the user would have to play around with.

The entire project uses my experience as a copywriter for me to “play” around with words and this time not being bound by simple text but also incorporating the power of moving visuals. I mean, how great is that!

So the first iteration was simple (but now discarded)

ITP on Fridays

ITP on Wednesdays

Keeping flat design vectors in mind, I was envisioning ITP on Wednesdays and Fridays.

After consulting with Alon, I realised that there was a lot more scope in this idea and changed it up to


1. Mourning Mondays
Coffee cup with an angry/sleepy expression dragging itself across the floor leaving a coffee trail behind

2. Turdy tuesdays
Books with thesis written on them getting all scared and jittery with little poop emojies in the background wallpaper laughing

3. Whirlwind Wednesdays
Open mouth in the background with a spiral in the middle and oranges and apples and toast and jam going in with scared faces.

4. Thrifty Thursdays
Beer bottles and money notes flying and banging into each other and hiccuping

5. Finding Fridays
Every time you open a pizza box, the pizza slices vanish

6. Sleepy Saturdays
Alarm Clock sleeping
Alarm Clock Rings
Alarm Clock shocked and takes a baseball bat out and starts waving it around

7. Sunday Satisfaction
A potato on a couch (along with lots of other snacks), and as he flips the channel with his remote, the expression keeps changing.

I have all the vectors ready now.

turdWallpaper copy

strawberry copy

pizzaBox copy

orange copy

mouth copy

monies copy

coffee copy

book copy

Blanket copy

baseballBat copy

apple copy

alarmClock copy

beer copy

bread copy

First order of business will be to get the text animations ready. That should help me set the mood for each day of the week, so that when I get to it – I know what emotion has to correspond.

For the display :

There’s text on the top that says : What day is it?
And at the bottom, all the days are there as buttons that one can toggle through.

As per an article Alon shared with me, I was inspired by the idea of keeping an excel sheet that breaks down the movement and emotion to be depicted. I’m currently working on it and will update the blog with it as soon as possible.

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