Boxing Leprechaun

For the final – Jason, Chengtao, and I are planning to build a boxing robot.

From my own perspective, I always saw the gantry as a boxing rink and loved the idea of something moving within that confined space. Plus, after showing us the axidraw, we knew exactly what we wanted the entire system to sound like – friendly.

We were playing around with two ideas – stacking one cnc on top of the other (just to visualise structure. Don’t think the end is going to be as messy), and have two players in a game.

OR let’s go super big – an 8x8ft rink with one bot hanging which would have its arms swinging on a wheel, hence simulating the effect of a real life boxing robot. Combine that with fun audio and we have a leprechaun running around an area making funny sounds and trying to box you.

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