Artist in residency – The XY Plotter.

Today we were introduced to the first robot that we’ll be playing around with –

The XY Plotter

It started out with a simple looking kit.

Ben showed us a demonstration in which the movement was pretty great but SO SLOW. However, the machinery looked like a great example to understand simple movement and structure of movement in a fixed area.

Our assignment for the next two weeks was to build our own XY plotters from the kit using the instructions, and our team of three – Alexandra, Tayla, and I, immediately got down to building it.

It’s amazing that neither of us faced any problems EXCEPT for right in the end where the instructions we were following were outdated and there was a tiny wiring issue.

The minute we fixed that, it was all smooth sailing.

In terms of the build, the only issue we faced was looping the belt in the middle. It’s great that they’ve given us extra material to play around with, but it’s difficult to make everything stay together when it’s your first time.

XY from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

XY Again from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

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