A badass called the Axidraw

The Axidraw in my opinion is quite literally a badass.
How we’re used to the CNC having these set boundaries within which all the work has to be, the Axidraw doesn’t have one.

It does have one, but they’re still controlled by the user. It has this beautiful, melodic movement that can commence whenever you start it, and it can be easily picked up and placed anywhere else the user desires.

Ben asked us each to try out the bot and try and pick up the best parts to keep in mind the final. For me, it was the belt, the gears, and the screw-driven pen holder.

I plugged it in and placed these metallic sharpies I had to draw shapes on the brown paper I placed beneath it.

AxiDraw from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

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