Wee Wee Piggy

Wee Wee Piggy

Inspired by Lost Pig, Wee Wee Piggy is a satirical voice – sensitive, interactive version of the nursery rhyme “This little piggy”. As the name suggests, the motive of the game is for the fifth piggy to get home safely. On his way, he encounters a number of surprises and we make it a point to keep him entertained with messages which come in the form of Pig Puns that ar.

The basic fundamental behind this game is the idea of finding ‘comfort within discomfort’ as the user moves Piggy in the directions of up-down-right-left using the voice commands : Sausage, Bacon, Ham, and Chops (Food articles that Piggy is destined to become someday).

I began with the process of wire-framing the game :

Okay enough chitter chatter, play the


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