This is my screen emoting

For this week’s assignment, Alon has asked us to create an animation that shows how our computer feels at most times.

I wanted to create something simple since this was my first time foraying into After Effects, yet it should show the animation minimally.

Whoever knows me, knows that I hardly shut down my computer. And it’s a TERRIBLE thing to do.

So if my computer is talking to me, or showing any signs of life – it’s when it’s tired of running without any real sleep.
I imagine it to be this being that’s jittering while moving any functions at all. And if it knew any words, it would only be saying – LET ME SLEEP PLEASE.

For the task, I made a regular text layer and use the text animation presets by tweaking them a little bit to show the strength. I even thought of increase the strength at different keyframes but the output just ended up looking a little over the top.

Anyway, here goes nothing!

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