The artist gets a makeover

So in this class, Ben decided to expose us to rapid prototyping AND IT WAS GREAT.

We had to reimagine the plotters of our XYZ bots using the tools Ben gave us.

Alexandra, Tayla, and I got the 10-pens option. Again, great collaboration.

We had two options to choose from – either keeping the pens in a row or bunching them up together.

We felt that keeping them in a row might add too much weight to the tiny servo controlling the up-down, but you couldn’t beat the symmetry it offered.

So we sandwiched the pens between two pieces of cardboard and added a tiny metal sheet for easy friction.

Again, beautiful.

XY Begin from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

XY New from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

XY New Slow from Shreiya Chowdhary on Vimeo.

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