PSD – Part I

Dream –

In a simple line – To give life to inanimate objects through the power of storytelling

I’ve always been fascinated by an aspect of my mother tongue Hindi, which I found prevalent in Russian as well – that every noun, regardless of its state of being has a gender. And the greatness of this aspect is only amplified when you’re given a chance to construct a story around every thing around you, whether alive or not.

My last project was around showing how robots would fare as humans if given the chance. I’d like to take it a level further by actually giving them life, and in different forms. I’d like to create physically tangible experiences that have life breathed into them – via voice, hearing, activity (think dance), and different responses to your natural behavior.


My vision is to create an experience where the user is surrounded by different personalities that come in the form of these inanimate objects.

To make it easier – imagine a Disney movie coming to life, like Beauty and the Beast. This experience can either be full scale like a house, or a few projects that would be able to showcase the idea I have.


So I have a few of these that I’d like to complete –

30 days of Alexa – This would challenge me in terms of discipline as well as creativity, but hone my technical skills at the same time. I’d like to make these skills for Alexa for her to be more accustomed to how I like people to respond to me. As of now, I’ve had her for a month and she’s still a stranger in my life.

Mock Muppet – Tying this in with XYZ (a fabrication intensive class with Ben Light that teaches mechanisms on an X,Y, and Z axis, I’d like to create a plotter that takes in speech-to-text and responds with a sarcastic note as a response.

Strips don’t lie – These are basically bots made out of strips of metal/aluminum and rods that use leap motion/kinetic/skeletron sensing to respond to my gestures with dance movements as a form of mockery.

Dramagochi – Imagine the Tamagochi, but in today’s date. This will be the biggest thing for me to work on and I’d like to think a little more before I commit to anything.


None yet, but I’ll update this soon.

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