Let’s begin

So for week 1, Ben asked us to build a flashlight. Nothing fancy (apparently), just something you can carry and gives you light.

The What

This part wasn’t too difficult. Let’s just think of a simple circuit with a battery and a switch and an LED.

Now because we’re at ITP, lets complicate this beautiful idea and try and fit it in a tampon!

The Structure

Now because it’s a slim casing, we’re going to have to use a ‘AAA’ battery. And because we want a nice source of light, we’re going to want to use two. But how do we fit two batteries in one tampon to make a circuit?

Getting the batteries to stay

So now came the tricky part.

I’d already made peace with myself over the fact that because of my bright idea to use two batteries over one, this was NOT going to be the best looking project. On top of that, I’m going to try and have to solder onto a battery. Not the most inviting surface.

But it worked!

Here we have two batteries and an LED on top. The idea here is to allow the wand of the tampon to complete the circuit every time it is pushed, working as a button.

Looks shouldn’t really matter

Lets be honest here. It’s a prototype. But it’s a working prototype!

And now a video so you know I wasn’t kidding.

The end

How this was a GREAT yet HORRIFYING Experience

I learned how to create a structure and work within it.

I learned how to work within a SUPER confined space.

I learned the troubles of soldering over batteries.

I learned that I need to start thinking of ideas where I don’t end up using a glue gun to make everything just stand together.