Enclosures that do not close

So this week, Ben asked us to work on enclosures.

Since my project requires clear acrylic enclosures which I will be ordering + a table with embedded leap and audio systems, I decided to create something slightly unconventional with the black acrylic I had lying.

At first, it was time to use illustrator and design the box.

I’m not a designer and have never been interested in using illustrator as a tool to make my life simpler.

But times are different now.

I liked how some files on thingiverse use absolutely minimal space since it’s all being cut, and followed that route.

Next order of business : cutting

Took a few times to cut but I knew my files were good!

Gluing things together

I’m actually glad I’m ordering the enclosures for the final since I know that’ll be a great finished product.

I mean, acrylic glue is great but it seems like I should rather be screwing things together.

Ta Da!

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