A failed pringles fox in the box

For our assignment, Amena and I wanted to augment a Pringles box that would have a fox appearing on the interaction of touch.

Silly but possible.

We began with scanning a Pringles box.

Whew. That turned out fine.

Then we went and collected our assets on Unity.

Now that we had all the virtual hardware of our project ready, it was time to head to the software.

From Rui’s tutorial, we moved on to working on the MSI to work on the Model Target Generator.


We adjusted the size and view according to how the experience would play out once the project would go into build.



The problem we ran into was after we zipped up the Unity package and opened it in Unity.

As you can see, the package has been imported, but Unity says that we don’t have the required settings to open the files.


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